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Guangdong Kexin Industrial Co.,Ltd(1)KEC(Korea Electronics)(10)Kemet Corporation(1)Kersemi Electronic Co., Ltd.(2)Kingbright Corporation(12)Knowles Electronics(11)KODENSHI KOREA CORP.(15)Laird Tech Smart Technology(2)LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc.(8)LDT Co., Ltd(1)Leadtrend all rights reserved(2)Leshan Radio Company(2)Level One(1)LG Semicon Co.,Ltd.(2)LIGITEK electronics co., ltd.(53)Linear Dimensions Semiconductor(1)Linear Technology(23)Littelfuse(6)LSI Computer Systems(19)Lucky Light Electronic(107)LUMEX INC.(300)Lumileds Lighting Company(1)Luna Innovations Incorporated(2)M.S. Kennedy Corporation(21)M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.(1)Macronix International(9)Major League Electronics(10)Mallory performance club(2)Marktech Corporate(6)Maxim Integrated Products(20)Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd.(15)Melexis Microelectronic Systems(6)MERITEK ELECTRONICS CORPORATION(1)Micrel Semiconductor(138)Micro Electronics(2)Micro Linear Corporation(1)Microchip Technology(48)Micron Technology(1)Micronetics, Inc.(8)Micropac Industries(5)Microsemi Corporation(21)Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.(3)Mini-Circuits(1)Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor(236)Mitsumi Electronics, Corp.(1)Molex Electronics Ltd.(124)Molex Electronics Ltd.(4)Molex Electronics Ltd.(18)Molex Electronics Ltd.(21)Molex Electronics Ltd.(77)Molex Electronics Ltd.(108)Molex Electronics Ltd.(47)Molex Electronics Ltd.(9)Molex Electronics Ltd.(63)Molex Electronics Ltd.(4)Molex Electronics Ltd.(16)Molex Electronics Ltd.(99)MolexKits(2)Monolithic Power Systems(51)MOSA ELECTRONICS(1)Mosel Vitelic, Corp(1)Motorola, Inc(135)MPS Industries, Inc.(24)Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(16)Nais(Matsushita Electric Works)(8)NanoAmp Solutions, Inc.(1)National Semiconductor (TI)(73)NEC(122)Nell Semiconductor Co., Ltd(6)New Japan Radio(76)New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.(2)NIHON DEMPA KOGYO(1)NTE Electronics(2)NXP Semiconductors(2)OKI electronic componets(111)Omron Electronics LLC(2)ON Semiconductor(103)OPLINK Communications Inc.(1)OPTEK Technologies(1)OptoDiode Corp(2)OptoSupply International(4)Optoway Technology Inc(59)OSRAM GmbH(2)Shenzhen Luguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd(1)Tyco Electronics(298)
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Monolithic Power System...
EV6534-U-00A 5V to 55V, Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Pre-Driver With Buck Regulator Evaluation Board
MP5073 5.5V, 2A Low RDSON Load Switch With Programmable Current Limit
EV3378E-F-00A 4-Channel WLED Controller With High-Efficiency Buck Converter Evalution Board
EV3398E-U-00A 4 strings WLED Controller With 80V Return Evaluation Board
MP2678 Li-Ion Battery Charger Protection Circuit With LDO Mode
NB669 24V, High Current Synchronous Buck Converter With LDO
MPQ4420A-AEC1 2A, 36V,Synchronous Step-Down Converter With PG and Ext. Sync with Forced CCM Mode, MPQ4420-AEC1 without Forced CCM Mode
EV9442-J-00A High Efficiency 2A, 36V, 600kHz Sync. Step-Down Switch Evaluation Board With Power Good
EV3398E-F-00A 4 strings WLED Controller With 80V Return Evaluation Board
MP3351 60V, 2A Integrated Photo Flash Charger With IGBT Driver
EV3425DL-00A Boost Converter With a 55V, 3.5A Switch
MP6402 Dual, High PSRR 500mA Linear Regulator With Integrated Reset Circuit
EV9942-J-00A High Efficiency 2A, 36V, 410kHz Sync. Step-Down Switch Evaluation Board With Power Good
MP2188 Dual 3A, 5.5V, 1.2MHz, COT Synchronous Step Down Switchers With Auto Output Discharge
MP8714 High-Efficiency, 10A, 17V, Synchronous, Step-Down Converter With External Soft Start and Power Good
MP8104 Ultra Low Power 1.8V, 400KHz Op Amp With Industry Standard Pin-Out
EV2188-QA-00A Dual 3A, 5.5V, 1.2MHz Synchronous Step-Down Swithers With Auto Output Discharge Evaluation Board
MP5022A 12V, 3mohm Rds(on) Hot-Swap Protection Device With Current Monitoring
MP20142 Dual Channel, 200mA Linear Regulator With Programmable Output Voltage and Output Discharge
EV3336-C-00A Dual-Channel Flash LED Driver With 2A/Ch and I2C Interface Evaluation Board

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