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PMOD8LD The Pmod8LD has eight high-bright LEDs that are driven by logic-level transistors so each LED can be illuminated with a logic high signal that provides less than 1mA of current.

DCSA The DCSA Series is a loop-powered, linear output current transducer that provides an output that is directly proportional to the RMS AC current passing through the LCSC10T12 sensor

Cooper Bussmann, Inc.
CTX047-1P-R Surface mount magnetics that can be used as singleor coupled inductors or 1:1 transformers that provide isolation between two windings

World Produts Inc.
WPANTDP089-R1A This is a high gain 2x4 MIMO Panel antenna that operates in the 2.6 GHz WiMAX band

NXP Semiconductors
PLN2020 Complete navigation sensor that works on virtually all surfaces

Omron Electronics LLC
V-16-1A6 Miniature Basic Switch that Offers High Reliability and Security

Allegro MicroSystems
ATS642LSH_09 The ATS642LSH is an optimized Hall effect sensing integrated circuit and magnet combination that provides a user-friendly solution for true zero-speed digital gear-tooth sensing in two-wire applications.

Omron Electronics LLC
G7L-PV Two-pole Power Relay That Is Ideal for Inverters in Photovoltaic Power Systems

Molex Electronics Ltd.
19029-0187 Insulation Punch (Upper) for ASP press that process metal strip product

Allegro MicroSystems
A6210_11 The A6210 is a buck regulator that uses valley current-mode control.

Omron Electronics LLC
D6F-N2 A Compact, High-accuracy Sensor That Measures Low Flow Rates.

Zilog, Inc.
Z51F6412 Power supply level that can be adjusted with potentiometer R20

Panasonic Battery Group
BR2330-GUN Coin type lithium batteries are high energy, high reliability batteries for a variety of applications. The full 3 volts in these high energy density batteries is about twice that of conventional dry batteries.

0831047 The UC-EMP ... UniCard labeling range includes markers that can be fitted into existing CARRIER-EMP ... label frames

Wurth Elektronik GmbH &...
784787101 It is recommeded that the temperature of the component does not exceed

Panasonic Semiconductor
HY1-3V Non-polarized 1 Form C relay that realizes nominal operating power of 150 mW

Omron Electronics LLC
G3TA I/O SSRs That Mount to OMRON’s G7TC I/O Block

Molex Electronics Ltd.
19029-0141 Conductor Punch (Upper) for ASP Press that Process Metal Strip Product

Diodes Incorporated
AP7175 The AP7175 is a 3.0A ultra low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator that features an enable input and a power-good output.

Tyco Electronics
408-4343 The tool features a tool frame with a stationary jaw and handle, a moving jaw, a moving handle, and an adjustable ratchet that ensures full contact crimping.

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