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TDFN Fiches techniques, Datasheet

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Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX1508 Linear Li Battery Charger with Integrated Pass FET, Thermal Regulation, and ACOKin 3mm x 3mm TDFN
MAX8630W 125mA 1x/1.5x Charge Pumps for 5 White LEDs in 3mm x 3mm TDFN

SG Micro Corp
SGM3158_15 Analog Switch in 12-Pin TDFN

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX34565 12V Hot-Plug Switch in TDFN Package
MAX1963A Low-Input-Voltage, 300mA LDO Regulators with RESET in SOT and TDFN
MAX8586 Single 1.2A USB Switch in 3mm x 3mm TDFN
MAX4881 Overvoltage Protection Controllers with Current Limit in TDFN
MAX11166 16-Bit, 500ksps/250ksps, ±5V SAR ADCs with Internal Reference in TDFN
MAX1963 Low-Input-Voltage, 300mA LDO Regulators with RESETin SOT and TDFN
MAX8901A Highest Efficiency Supply for 2 to 6 Series WLEDs in a 2mm x 2mm TDFN Package

Skyworks Solutions Inc.
AAT3696 1.6A Li-Ion Battery Charger in a 3x3 TDFN Package

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX8902A_12 Low-Noise 500mA LDO Regulators in a 2mm x 2mm TDFN Package
MAX6790 Low-Power, 1% Accurate, Dual-/Triple-/Quad-Level Battery Monitors in Small TDFN and TQFN Packages
MAX8586_09 Single 1.2A USB Switch in 3mm x 3mm TDFN
MAX5054_11 4A, 20ns, Dual MOSFET Drivers TTL Logic Inputs 8-Pin TDFN and SO Packages

Micrel Semiconductor
MIC826 Voltage Supervisor with Watchdog Timer,Manual Reset, and Dual Outputs In 1.6mm x 1.6mm TDFN

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX6902 SPI-Compatible RTC in a TDFN
MAX8804W High-Voltage, Dual-Input, USB/AC Adapter Chargers in 2mm x 3mm TDFN
21-0137 PACKAGE OUTLINE, 6,8,10 & 14L, TDFN, EXPOSED PAD, 3*3*0.80MM

Skyworks Solutions Inc.
AAT3691 Dual Input 1.6A Linear Charger with 28V OVP in a 3x4 TDFN Package

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