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STYLE Fiches techniques, Datasheet

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List of Unclassifed Man...
CS1 Style CS1 and Style CW

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywe...
AMM-4F Addressable monitor module single circuit, Style D, Class A or Style BC/A and B

Caddock Electronics, In...
MP800_17 TO-220 Style and TO-126 Style - Non-Inductive Designs

Tensility International...
50-00041 Connector, 4C audio jack, 3.5x7.8xL25.8 mm, brass, nickel plated, molding style, molding style

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0192210562 Compression Style Ring Tongue Terminal for 8 AWG Wire, Stud Style Un-PlatedWide Pad

Vishay Siliconix
SPU Wirewound Resistors, Molded Style, Current Shunts, Very Low Value, Four Terminal

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0850132282 2.54mm Pitch DIN 41612 Header, Through Hole, Vertical, C-Pin Press-Fit Style R Reverse, 1μm Selective Gold (Au), 64 Circuits, Lead free
1061162000 EMI SC Adapter, Simplex, Metal Body, Snap Mount Style, Shutter
0850130048 2.54mm Pitch DIN 41612 Header, Through Hole, Vertical, Style R Reverse

Pomona Electronics
6746A BNC (M) Compression Style, 75 Ω

AFBR-5103Z FDDI, 100 Mbps ATM, and Fast Ethernet Transceivers in Low Cost 1x9 Package Style

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0545501971 0.50mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector, 1.20mm Height, Right Angle, SMT,ZIF, Top Contact Style, 19 Circuits, Gold (Au) Contact Plating

01520001TXN Fuse Holder for MAXI® Style Blade Fuse

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0850030282 2.54mm Pitch DIN 41612 Header, Style C, 64 Circuits, Lead free


Molex Electronics Ltd.
0850400414 2.54mm Pitch DIN 41612 Receptacle, Style B, 64 Circuits, Lead free

Rhombus Industries Inc.
T-13750 ISDN S-Interface Applications Transformers - RM Style

List of Unclassifed Man...
B04B-PNISK-1ALFSN 2.0mm pitch/Disconnectable Crimp style connectors

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0365000027 2.54mm Pitch DIN 41612 C Style Female Receptacle, Vertical, Through Hole, 0.30μm Selective Gold (Au) Plating, 96 Circuits

jb Capacitors Company
JFR Inductive, Radial & Axial, welded lead style.

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