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POWER Fiches techniques, Datasheet

Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)(51)Fairchild Semiconductor(1737)Fangtek Ltd.(17)FCI connector(6)Feature Integration Technology Inc.(7)Feeling Technology Corp.(1)FENGJUI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.(3)Ferroxcube International Holding B.V.(5)FERYSTER Inductive Components Manufacturer(2)FIDELIX(28)Filtran LTD(25)Filtronic Compound Semiconductors(63)Finisar Corporation.(1)First Components International(68)Formosa MS(3)Fortune Semiconductor Corp.(5)Foshan Blue Rocket Electronics Co.,Ltd.(7)FOSLINK SEMICONDUCTOR CO.,LTD(4)Freescale Semiconductor, Inc(539)Frequency Devices, Inc.(4)Frontier Electronics.(113)FSP TECHNOLOGY INC.(183)Fuji Electric(634)Fujitsu Component Limited.(166)Future Technology Devices International Ltd.(2)FutureWafer Tech Co.,Ltd(5)Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell(9)Gamma Microelectronics Inc.(25)Gaomi Xinghe Electronics Co., Ltd.(1)GE Solid State(12)General Electric Company(4)General Semiconductor(9)GeneSiC Semiconductor, Inc.(242)Gennum Corporation(5)GETAI ELECTRONICS DEVICE CO., LTD(20)GHz Technology(8)Glenair, Inc.(3)Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc(60)Golledge Electronics Ltd(39)GOOD-ARK Electronics(123)Goodwork Semiconductor Co., Ltd .(6)Grayhill, Inc(1)Green Power Solutions srl(10)Grenergy Opto, lnc.(1)GTM CORPORATION(378)GUANGDONG HOTTECH INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.(4)Guangzhou Juxing Electronic Co., Ltd.(9)Guilin Strong Micro-Electronics Co., Ltd.(9)Gulf Semiconductor(102)Gunter Seniconductor GmbH.(73)Hamamatsu Corporation(49)Hammond Manufacturing Ltd.(138)Hanbit Electronics Co.,Ltd(1)Hantronix,Inc(6)Harris Corporation(25)Harwin Plc(20)HB Electronic Components(25)HBH Microwave GmbH(15)Hexawave, Inc(53)Hi-Sincerity Mocroelectronics(33)High Voltage Power Solutions, Inc.(18)Hirose Electric(40)Hitachi Semiconductor(330)HITRON ELECTRONICS CORPORTION(120)Hittite Microwave Corporation(224)HOKURIKU ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD(4)Holt Integrated Circuits(4)Holtek Semiconductor Inc(43)Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center(3)Hongfa Technology(248)HOPE Microelectronics CO., Ltd.(2)Hotchip Technology Co.,Ltd(8)HTC Korea TAEJIN Technology Co.(2)HuaXinAn Electronics CO.,LTD(50)HVVi Semiconductors, Inc.(11)Hynix Semiconductor(22)IC MICROSYSTEMS(8)IC-Haus GmbH(4)ice Components, Ins.(51)IK Semicon Co., Ltd(32)Illinois Capacitor, Inc.(21)IMP, Inc(10)Impala Linear Corporation(4)Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited(4611)Infineon Technologies AG(1673)Injoinic Technology Co.,Ltd.(15)Inolux Corporation(10)Insel Rectifier India Pvt. Ltd.(45)Integral Corp.(16)Integrated Circuit Solution Inc(23)Integrated Circuit Systems(7)Integrated Device Technology(80)Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc(78)InterFET Corporation(2)International Rectifier(2662)Interpion semiconductor(1)Intersil Corporation(1042)Intronics Power, Inc.(5)IP SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD.(2)IRC - a TT electronics Company.(39)Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG(2)Isahaya Electronics Corporation(40)ISOCOM COMPONENTS(2)ITT Industries(20)IXYS Corporation(950)Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.(2)jb Capacitors Company(2)JDS Uniphase Corporation(10)JFW Industries, Inc.(155)Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd(108)JILIN SINO-MICROELECTRONICS CO., LTD.(156)JMK Inc.(21)Johanson Technology Inc.(4)Ningbo Foryard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.(103)Quanzhou Jinmei Electronic Co.,Ltd.(2686)SHANTOU HUASHAN ELECTRONIC DEVICES CO.,LTD(4)Shenzhen hui lida electronic co., LTD(27)Shenzhen Jin Yu Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(5)Shenzhen Jingdao Electronic Co.,Ltd(1)
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Freescale Semiconductor...
18730 Power Management IC with Five Power Management IC with Five Power Management IC with Five Power Management IC with Five

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0876639003 6.35mm (.250") Pitch Power (DC), 7.62mm (.300") Pitch Power (AC), 2.54mm (.100")Pitch Signal, EXTreme PowerPlus™ Board-to-Board Header, Through Hole, RightAngle, 32 Circuits, Power Alpha 3, Signal 24, Power Beta 5, Long Contact, with Bevel

National Semiconductor ...
LM5071 Power Over Ethernet PD Controller with Auxiliary Power Power Over Ethernet PD Controller with Auxiliary Power

Molex Electronics Ltd.
34707-3070 Stac64™ 3 Bay Vertical Headers, 30 Circuits, Bay A 10 Circuit Power Header, Polarization A, Black; Bay B 10 Circuit Power Header, Polarization B, Gray; Bay C 10 Circuit Power Header, Polarization C, Tray

Motorola, Inc
MBRS140LT3 Surface Mount Schottky Power Rectifier(SMB Power Mount Power Package)

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0876634001 6.35mm (.250") Pitch Power (DC), 7.62mm (.300") Pitch Power (AC), 2.54mm (.100")Pitch Signal, EXTreme PowerPlus™ Board-to-Board Header, Right Angle, 33 CircuitsPower Alpha 3, Signal 24, Power Beta 6, Long Contacts, Recessed Signal Pin A1,

List of Unclassifed Man...
FSB147HNY Meets 2013 ErP Standby Power Regulation (Less than 0.5 W Consumption with 0.25 W Load) for ATX Power and LCD TV Power

TriQuint Semiconductor
T1G4020036-FL_15 2 x 120W Peak Power, 2 x24W Average Power, 36V DC – 3.5 GHz, GaN RF Power Transistor

Siemens Semiconductor G...
CGY96 GaAs MMIC (Power amplifier for GSM class 4 phones 3.2 W 35dBm output power at 3.5 V Overall power added efficiency 50%)

Molex Electronics Ltd.
0876331029 6.35mm (.250") Pitch, Power, 2.54mm (.100") Pitch, Signal, EXTreme PowerPlus™ PSP Receptacle, Press-fit, Vertical, 22 Circuits, Power Beta 2, Signal 16, Power Alpha
0459120026_17 12.90mm Pitch EXTreme PowerEdge, Mixed Power/Signal Card Edge Connector, Double Sided, 4 Segments (Power, Power, Signal, Power Sequence), Press-Fit

Texas Instruments
LM4804 Audio Power Amplifier SerieLow Voltage High Power Audio Power Amplifier

TriQuint Semiconductor
T1G4012036-FL_15 120W Peak Power, 24W Average Power, 36V DC – 3.5 GHz, GaN RF Power Transistor

SL Power Electronics
GSM11 Low Power Medical Power Supplies 11 Watt AC/DC Universal Input Power Supply
GNT30 Low Power Medical Power Supplies 30 Watt AC/DC Universal Input Power Supply

KEC(Korea Electronics)

N04Q1618C2B 4Mb Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous CMOS SRAM w/ Dual Vcc and VccQ for Ultimate Power Reduction 256K×16 bit POWER SAVER TECHNOLOGY

TriQuint Semiconductor
T1G4020036-FS_15 2 x 120W Peak Power, 2 x24W Average Power, 36V DC – 3.5 GHz, GaN RF Power Transistor

Fairchild Semiconductor
RMPA2271 WCDMA/UMTS Power Edge Power Amplifier Module with Integrated Power Detector

Sanken electric
STR-Y6700 Power IC for Quasi-Resonant Mode Switching Power Supplies with Low Standby Power

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