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PHOTODIODE Fiches techniques, Datasheet

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Hamamatsu Corporation
S9682_11 Si photodiode Highly reliable photodiode for VUV detection

Roithner LaserTechnik G...
ML720A1S-E22E laser diode cathode photodiode cathode case common laser diode anode and photodiode anode

Hamamatsu Corporation
S4111 Si photodiode array 16, 35, 46 element Si photodiode array for UV to NIR
S9345 Si PIN photodiode Dual-element photodiode using newly developed small, thin package
S2592 Si photodiode Thermoelectrically cooled photodiode for low-light-level detection in UV to near IR
S2684-254 Si photodiode Photodiode with interference filter for monochromatic light (254 nm) detection
S1787 Si photodiode Plastic package photodiode with low dark current
S2721-02 Si PIN photodiode Dual-element, plastic package photodiode
C10475 Signal processing unit for photodiode module Specifically designed for photodiode modules (C10439 series)
S9723 Si PIN photodiode Large area Si PIN photodiode for direct detection
S8265 Si photodiode Visible sensitivity photodiode with high humidity resistance
C10439 Photodiode module Integrates a Si photodiode for precision photometry with low-noise amp
S3590-18 Si PIN photodiode Large area Si PIN photodiode for scintillation counting
S3954 76-element Si photodiode array High UV sensitivity photodiode array mounted in DIP

EPIGAP optoelectronic G...
EPD-270-0-0.3-1 Photodiode

Silonex Inc.
SLCD-61N7 Solderable Planar Photodiode

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BPX61 Silizium-PIN-Fotodiode Silicon PIN Photodiode

SFH2440 Silicon Photodiode

Vishay Siliconix
VEMD2500X01 Silicon PIN Photodiode

Everlight Electronics C...
PD204-6C-L3 3mm Silicon PIN Photodiode T-1

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