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IXYS Corporation
AN-118 Detecting Line Polarity Reversal Associated with BT Calling Line Identification Protocol

Microchip Technology
MCP2155_13 IrDA® Standard Protocol Stack Controller

AN2099 Guidelines for connecting via JTAG protocol to the STR71x microcontroller

List of Unclassifed Man...
D5000M Modbus RTU or DGH ASCII communications protocol

Diodes Incorporated

Keysight Technologies
N8843A I3CSM Protocol Trigger and Decode

Intersil Corporation
ISL3330 3.3V, ±15kV ESD Protected, Dual Protocol RS-232/RS-485 Transceivers

Agere Systems
T8302 T8302 Internet Protocol Telephone Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) Ethernet QoS Using IEEE 802.1q

Microchip Technology
MCP2150 IrDA® Standard Protocol Stack Controller Supporting DTE Applications

Feature Integration Tec...
F71612A USB CIR Chip with RC6 and QP Protocol

M24LR64-R_1004 64 Kbit EEPROM with password protection & dual interface: 400kHz I²C serial bus & ISO 18000-3 mode 1 RF protocol at 13.56MHz

Radiometrix Ltd
WI.232FHSS The Wi.232FHSS-250TM module combines a state-of-the art low power wireless transceiver with a powerful multipoint-to-multipoint frequency protocol control-ler to form a complete wireless communication solution.

Texas Instruments
DK-EM2-7960R 13.56 MHz RFID Protocol on Stellaris®

Injoinic Technology Co....
IP2163 Integrated 9 protocols for fast charging protocol ICs for USB ports

RF Monolithics, Inc
DM2200-916VM RFM VersaMESHTM Versatile Mesh Network Protocol

Monolithic Power System...
MP5034 USB Charging Port Controller Integrating QC 3.0 Protocol

Injoinic Technology Co....
IP2716 Integrated USB TYPE-C PD2.0/ PD3.0, QC3.0/2.0/MTK High Voltage Fast Charge Protocol Power Management SOC

Sony Corporation
CXD1185CQ SCSI 1 Protocol Controller

Microchip Technology
MCP2155 ItDA Standard Protocol Stack Controller Supporting DCE Applications

Injoinic Technology Co....
IP6809 7.5W/10W/15W multi-coil wireless charging transmitter controller compatible with WPC v1.2 .4 protocol

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