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AZ Displays
SF13CR-CS color camera incorporates the 1/3 Omni Vision CMOS image sensor

ATMEL Corporation
AT91SAM7XC512_14 Incorporates the ARM7TDMI
DS-GPSMG-2 A compact Antenna for GPS applications where high performance is required from a small size. The antenna includes a Low Noise Amplifier and incorporates both magnetic mount and screw fixings.

List of Unclassifed Man...
AWC86 Micro-Controller incorporates Web-Enabled, Real-time Operating System

Toshiba Semiconductor
TLP828 Photo-interrupter Which incorporates a GaAs infrared LED and a fast response Si Phototransistor in a Dust-proof package.

BD35395FJ-M Incorporates an enabler

ATMEL Corporation
AT91SAM9G10_14 Incorporates the ARM926EJ-S ARM Thumb Processor
AT91SAM7SE512_08 Incorporates the ARM7TDMI ARM Thumb Processor

AZ Displays
SF14BW-CS black and white camera incorporates the 1/4 Omni Vision CMOS image sensor

Sony Corporation
CXA1211M Electronic Volume, This bipolar IC incorporates 2 chnannels.

Analog Devices
ADSP-2141L_15 highly integrated embedded security processor that incorporates a sophisticated

Allegro MicroSystems
A4941 The A4941 three-phase motor driver incorporates BEMF sensing to eliminate the requirement for Hall sensors in fan applications.

ATMEL Corporation
AT91SAM7A3_06 Incorporates the ARM7TDMI ARM Thumb Processor

Fujitsu Component Limit...
FRM5W232BS Incorporates a 30 micron InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode

Murata Manufacturing Co...
LXMS31ACNA Murata MAGICSTRAP® is an innovative RFID module with a wide range of RF features. It incorporates an industry standard IC

ATMEL Corporation
AT91SAM9G20_14 Incorporates the ARM926EJ-S ARM Thumb Processor

ADT5500 visible Light Sensor which incorporates photo diode and current amplifier in a single chip

AZ Displays
SF14CR-CCD color camera incorporates the Sharp 1/4 CCD image sensor

ATMEL Corporation
AT91M40008 Incorporates the ARM7TDM ARM Thumb Processor Core

Renesas Technology Corp
R8C35M_15 The R8C/35M Group of single-chip MCUs incorporates the R8C CPU core

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