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AN4313 Guidelines for designing touch sensing applications Guidelines for designing touch sensing applications
AN2595 Designing an application with the ST10F27xZx devices

ON Semiconductor

Analog Devices
AN-502 Designing a Superheterodyne Receiver Using an IF Sampling Diversity Chipset
CN-0268 Resonant Approach to Designing a Band-Pass Filter for Narrow-Band, High IF, 16-Bit, 250 MSPS Receiver Front End

Fairchild Semiconductor
AN-4153 Designing Asymmetric PWM Half-Bridge Converters

Ramtron International C...
AN92584 Designing for Low Power and Estimating Battery Life for BLE Applications

AN2782 Solution for designing a 400 W fixed-off-time controlled
AN3112 Solution for designing a fixed off-time controlled PFC pre-regulator

America Semiconductor, ...
2CL70 2CL70-74 high voltage diodes adopt the designing of high reliable multiple mesa structure and silicon tube, molded in small volume and compact packaging surface by epoxy resin.

AN1330 Designing with the L5970D 1A high efficiency DC-DC converter

Vishay Siliconix
AN732 Designing A High-Voltage Non-Isolated Buck-Boost Converter with the Si9121DY

ON Semiconductor
AND8054 Designing RC Oscillator Circuits with Low Voltage Operational Amplifiers and Comparators for Precision Sensor Applications

AN2208 Designing Industrial Applications with
AN4149 Designing a CCM PFC pre-regulator based on the L4984D
AN3355 Designing an application board compatible with either

Microchip Technology
AN912 Designing LF Talkback for a Magnetic Base Station

AN4430 Designing an NFC Android Application for M24SR and M24LR devices

EC635 Designing with thermally protected TMOV Varistors in TVSS Applications

Seoul Semiconductor
SAWX4A0X Designing with Acriche A4 Connect using a siple diode bridge directly to AC power

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