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DESIGNED Fiches techniques, Datasheet

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JMK Inc.
KK-1900-30 This filter is designed to operate in power disdribution units or in systems designed to meet FCC or IEC requirements.

Infineon Technologies A...
IKW30N60TA Designed for DC/AC converters for Automotive Application

List of Unclassifed Man...
MN222 MN- series PRTDs are designed for large volume applications where long term stability

2701228 The module is designed for use within an Axioline F station.

Power System Technology
PST16 This range of power supplies is specially designed

E-Tech Electronics LTD
GBC337 The GBC337 is designed for drive and output-stages of audio amplifiers

Potato Semiconductor Co...
PO49FCT32806A Potato Semiconductor’s PO49FCT32806A is designed for world top performance using submicron CMOS technology to achieve 700MHz TTL output frequency with less than 200ps output pulse skew.

RLD60 These 60V RLDs were designed to be generalpurpose resettable fuses

Murata Manufacturing Co...
SF1186H RF Filter Designed for Front End GPS Applications

JMK Inc.
ZL-1988B-10B designed to be used in systems that are required to work in the tempest environment

E-Tech Electronics LTD
G8550 The G8550 is designed for use in 2W output amplifier of portable radios in class B push-pull operation

Vishay Siliconix
16LH_08 Precision Linear Transducers, Designed for Mounting in Hydraulic or Pneumatic Cylinder

List of Unclassifed Man...
MX98905B The MX98905 is designed for easy implementation of CSMA/CD local area networks,

SMA6L The SMA6L series is designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events

List of Unclassifed Man...
TN71-BP012 2U IBM POWER8 Habanero Platform Designed for Commercialized System

Q6006LH456 6 Amp bi-directional solid state switch series is designed for AC switching

ELLS-405LWA large 10.00 mm high seven segment display designed for viewing distances up to 7 meters

Samsung semiconductor

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-59002-C1-R0_17 Designed for flip-chip processors such as NXP MPCs

E-Tech Electronics LTD
GSA684 The GSA684 is designed for power amplifier and driver

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