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DIODE Fiches techniques, Datasheet

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Infineon Technologies A...
D690S Schnelle Diode Fast Diode
D650S Schnelle Diode Fast Diode
D450S Schnelle Diode Fast Diode
DD1200S33K2C Diode, Wechselrichter / Diode, Inverter
DD1200S33KL2C-B5 Diode, Wechselrichter / Diode, Inverter
FP25R12U1T4 SmartPIM module with Trench/Fieldstop IGBT4 and Emitter Controlled 4 diode and PressFIT / NTC
FF150R12KT3G 62mm C-Serien Modul mit schnellem Trench/Feldstop IGBT3 und Emitter Controlled High Efficiency Diode
FP35R12KT4_B11 EconoPIM2 module with fast Trench/Fieldstop IGBT4 and Emitter Controlled 4 diode and PressFIT / NTC
BB669_07 Silicon Tuning Diode
SIDC14D60F6 Fast switching diode chip in EMCON-Technology
IDH10S120 thinQ!TM SiC Schottky Diode
IKW40N65ES5_15 high Speed soft switching IGBT with full current rated RAPID 1 diode
SIDC10D120H8 Fast switching diode chip in Emitter Controlled Technology
IKB30N65EH5 TRENCHSTOPTM 5 high speed switching IGBT copacked with full rated current RAPID 1 anti parallel diode
BAY6642 HiRel Silicon Switching Diode
FF600R06ME3 EconoDUAL3 module with Trench/Fieldstop IGBT3 and Emitter Controlled 3 diode and NTC
SIDC03D60F6_10 Fast switching diode 600V Emitter Controlled technology 70 μm chip
SIDC46D170H_04 Fast switching diode chip in EMCON 3 -Technology
BAR88-02LRH Silicon PIN Diode
SIDC56D120E6 Fast switching diode chip in EMCON-Technology

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