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DESIGNED Fiches techniques, Datasheet

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JMK Inc.
KK-1900-30 This filter is designed to operate in power disdribution units or in systems designed to meet FCC or IEC requirements.

AK3 The AK3 series of high power TVS diode is specially designed for meeting severe surge test environment of both AC and DC line protection applications

Pasternack Enterprises,...
PE3VNA4001 Designed for use as VNA Test Port extenders

Everlight Electronics C...
HLMP-2300 These LED Light Bar series are bright, large emitting area,rectangular devices that are designed for backlighting legend/message annunciators

IVGC0178 miniature lens type designed for surface mounting

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BBY53-02W Silicon Tuning Diode (High Q hyperabrupt tuning diode Designed for low tuning voltage operation)

Advanced Thermal Soluti...
ATS-56008-C4-R0_17 Designed specifically for ASIC package and their unique cooling requirements

Bourns Electronic Solut...
BDX33-S Designed for Complementary Use with BDX34, BDX34A, BDX34B, BDX34C and BDX34D

Allegro MicroSystems
A4935_12 The A4935 is a 3-phase controller for use with N-channel external power MOSFETs and is specifically designed for automotive applications.

Everlight Electronics C...
7344-G2T3-AQTB Specially designed for applications

CRIMPFOX-50R Ergonomically designed handles ensure an optimum grip and reduce the amount of force required by 25%

Bothhand USA, LP.
GH5609S-1-LF Designed for long haul gigabit Ethernet 1000 BASE-T, full duplex applications

List of Unclassifed Man...
HRC-4200 Ergonomic Design . Designed to comfortably fit the user’s hands for anywhere and anytime operations

MBC250-10XXG Designed for Medical equipment (meet MOOP and MOPP)

Filtran LTD
8540 INDUCTORS Inductors Designed for Nationals 150 KHz SIMPLE SWITCHERTM

International Rectifier
IRDC3137 The IRU3137 controller IC is designed to provide a low cost and high performance synchronous Buck regulator for on-board DC to DC converter applications.

Texas Instruments
LP2992_15 LP2992 Micropower 250-mA Low-Noise Ultralow-Dropout Regulator in SOT-23 and WSON Packages Designed for Use with Very Low-ESR Output Capacitors

International Rectifier
AUIRFS3207Z Specifically designed for Automotive applications

JYOC0198 miniature chip type designed for surface mounting

PBW-1201 Equipment Designed to Conform EMI Regulations Such As VCCI,CISPR,FCC,VDE,etc     

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