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Lowpower Semiconductor inc(11)NXP Semiconductors(420)Pacific Silicon Sensor,Inc.(1)Pan Jit International Inc.(2)Panasonic Battery Group(2)Panasonic Semiconductor(126)Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.(94)Peregrine Semiconductor(2)Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.(2)PHOENIX CONTACT(22)Polyfet RF Devices(1)Power Analog Micoelectronics(21)Power Integrations, Inc.(2)PREMIER DEVICES, INC.(3)Princeton Technology Corp(22)Protek Devices(3)Radiometrix Ltd(2)Raytheon Company(4)Realtek Semiconductor Corp.(6)Rectron Semiconductor(1)Renesas Technology Corp(321)RF Micro Devices(603)RFHIC(276) Technology Corporation(14)Rochester Electronics(9)Rohm(278)Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH(5)Sames(1)SamHop Microelectronics Corp.(7)Samsung semiconductor(142)Sanken electric(2)Sanyo Semicon Device(595)SeCoS Halbleitertechnologie GmbH(17)Seiko Instruments Inc(9)Seme LAB(5)SemiHow Co.,Ltd.(3)Semtech Corporation(14)SEMTECH ELECTRONICS LTD.(3)Sensitron(6)SG Micro Corp(53)Sharp Electrionic Components(3)Shenzhen Ping Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.(1)SHIELD s.r.l.(1)SHIKE Electronics(15)Siemens Semiconductor Group(54)SiGe Semiconductor, Inc.(34)Silan Microelectronics Joint-stock(15)Silicon Laboratories(14)Silicon Standard Corp.(1)Silicon Storage Technology, Inc(22)Silicon Touch Technology Inc.(1)Sipex Corporation(8)SIRENZA MICRODEVICES(150)Skyworks Solutions Inc.(230)SONiX Technology Company(1)Sony Corporation(127)Spectrum Microwave, Inc.(626)Stanford Microdevices(43)Stealth Microwave, Inc.(155)STMicroelectronics(591)SUNMATE electronic Co., LTD(4)Suntac Electronic Corp.(1)Supertex, Inc(10)System Logic Semiconductor(4)Tachyonics CO,. LTD(3)TAITRON Components Incorporated(3)Taiwan Memory Technology(3)Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd(13)TECHCODE SEMICONDUCTOR, INC.(1)TelCom Semiconductor, Inc(3)Teledyne Technologies Incorporated(806)TEMIC Semiconductors(18)TEXAS ADVANCED OPTOELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS(4)Texas Instruments(882)Texas Instruments(1139)Thinki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(1)Tiger Electronic Co.,Ltd(28)TOKO, Inc(22)Torex Semiconductor(12)Toshiba Semiconductor(1340)Touchstone Semiconductor Inc(6)Transcom, Inc.(73)Tripath Technology Inc.(31)TriQuint Semiconductor(474)
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Siemens Semiconductor G...
CGY180 GaAs MMIC (Power amplifier for DECT and PCS application Fully integrated 3 stage amplifier Operating voltage range: 2.7 to 6 V)
CGY94 GaAs MMIC (Power amplifier for GSM or AMPS application Fully integrated 2 stage amplifier Operating voltage range: 2.7 to 6 V)
CGY92 GaAs MMIC (Power amplifier for GSM or AMPS application Fully integrated 2 stage amplifier)
CGY181 GaAs MMIC (Power amplifier for PCN/PCS applications Fully integrated 2 stage amplifier)
CGY21 GaAs MMIC (Two-stage monolithic microwave IC MMIC amplifier)
CLY10 GaAs FET (Power amplifier for mobile phones For frequencies from 400 MHz to 2.5 GHz)
BFS481 NPN Silicon RF Transistor (For low-noise, high-gain broadband amplifier at collector currents from 0.5 to 12 mA)
TDA5931-65 Video IF Amplifier and Demodulator with Full-SCART
CGY0918 GaAs MMIC (Dual band GSM/PCN power amplifier 35dBm / 34dBm output power at 3.5 V Two amplifiers in a single package)
CLY5 GaAs FET (Power amplifier for mobile phones For frequencies from 400 MHz to 2.5 GHz)
BCP72M PNP Silicon AF Power Transistor (Drain switch for RF power amplifier stages For AF driver and output stages High collector current)
TCA2465 Dual Power Operational Amplifier
CGY98 GaAs MMIC (Broadband Power Amplifier [ 800..2000 Mhz ] GSM,AMPS or PCN Operating voltage range: 2.7 to 5.0 V)
TAE4453 Quad PNP-Operational Amplifier
BFG235 NPN Silicon RF Transistor (For low-distortion broadband output amplifier stages in antenna and telecommunications)
CGY0819 GaAs MMIC (Tri mode power amplifier for AMPS/ CDMA /TDMA portable cellular phones Dual band operation)
BF554 NPN Silicon RF Transistor (For general small-signal RF applications up to 300 MHz in amplifier, mixer and oscillator circuits)
BF799W NPN Silicon RF Transistor (For linear broadband amplifier applications up to 500MHz SAW filter driver in TV tuners)

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