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Tyco Electronics
A-1077B HARTMAN Aerospace Power Products SPDT, 230 Amps, 28 VDC

ST-OE3-230AC Pluggable input optocoupler, with light indicator and protection circuits in the input and output circuits, input: 230 V AC, output: short-circuit resistant, 12-35 V DC/max. 500 mA, can be plugged on basic termination blocks

B59053 Heating Elements Metallized Round Disks, 230 V

Kemet Corporation
T495X476K035ATE230 T495, Tantalum, MnO2 Tantalum, 47 uF, 10%, 35 V, 7343, SMD, MnO2, Molded, Low ESR, 230 mOhms, Height Max = 4.3mm

Vishay Siliconix
UFB200FA40P Insulated Ultrafast Rectifier Module, 230 A

ST-REL7-KG230 Relay connector, fitted with miniature switching relay, contacts (AgNi): Medium to large loads, 2 PDT, 230 V AC/ DC input voltage, with light indicator, can be plugged into basic terminal blocks
RIF-BR-12-230AC Plug-in module, for mounting on RIF-1, RIF-2, RIF-3, and RIF-4, with bridge rectifier, input voltage: 12 V AC ... 230 V AC
ELR1-230AC Single-phase solid-state contactor, input voltage: 230 V AC, output current: 20 A, zero voltage switch

Vishay Siliconix
ST230SPBF Phase Control Thyristors (Stud Version), 230 A

PR1-RSC3-LV-230AC Preassembled relay modules with screw connection, consisting of: relay base plug-in miniature power relay with power contacts, plug-in display/interference suppression module and relay retaining bracket. Input voltage: 230 V AC, contacts: 2 PDT, 8 A
EMG12-OV-230AC Power solid-state relay, with LED and protective circuit in input and output circuits, input: 230 V AC, output: 24 - 280 V AC/max. 1 A

NXP Semiconductors
NX3008PBK_15 30 V, 230 mA P-channel Trench MOSFET

Vishay Siliconix
VSKD236 Standard Recovery Diodes, 165 A to 230 A (New INT-A-PAK Power Modules)

Analog Devices
AD5313_15 2.5 V to 5.5 V, 230 A, Dual Rail-to-Rail Voltage Output 8-/10-/12-Bit DACs

EMG25-REL Relay interfaces against interference on the control side, with soldered-in miniature switching relays, contacts (Au): small loads, 2 PDT, input voltage 230 V AC

NXP Semiconductors
UM10466 UBA2015P reference design 230 V (AC)

KR Electronics, Inc.
2836 230 MHz surface mount bandpass filter

B59065 Heating Elements Metallized Round Disks, 230 V

EMG45-IR-W230 Relay module, with soldered-in industrial relay, contact: 2 PDTs, for multi-input fault warnings, with input diode array in P polarity (6 diodes 1N4007) and capacitor parallel to the coil as well as a multi-input light indicator, input voltage 230 V AC

NXP Semiconductors
UM10440 UBA2015AT Reference Design 230 V (AC)

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